Cut-order planner

Plan your orders and create the corresponding markers fully automatically

Your sales department has signed a large number of orders. You are presented with a lot of figures: amounts, styles, sizes, colour variations, style variations. Now it is up to you to divide these orders onto markers and at the same time, consider the requirements of your production department. The new GRAFIS Cut-order planner is the perfect tool for you. Ideally, you acquire the order information straight from your ERP system. Then, you plan your orders in clear dialogues and create your markers automatically. If you are already using Autonester, you can have the markers layed directly. Then, GRAFIS Cut-order Planner arranges the layed markers into cutting stacks, taking into account the maximum layer height and table length of your cutter. Finally, corresponding marker chains can be plotted
and print forms can be printed, if desired.

Your advantages

  • Optimum and clear preparation of orders
  • Transparent calculation
  • Information transfer from ERP system
  • Automatic distribution into cutting stacks