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Basic Training

The basic training is offered OnDemand and guides you through all important functions to work productively with GRAFIS. The contents are taught by more than 250 videos and supported by a practice-oriented workbook. On 260 pages nine comprehensive model tasks guide you through the basics of GRAFIS CAD and GRAFIS marker making. In addition, there are 70 shorter exercises and many theory tasks. More than 100 multiple-choice questions are available for learning control. So you can check yourself if you have understood a topic or not.

Self-study is supported by regular live sessions. Here, questions are answered and difficulties are dealt with individually. At the end, you will receive a certificate of participation.

For the price of 2,320.50 € gross (1,950 € net) you can easily spend 60-80 hours on the topics related to GRAFIS basics. The contents are available to you for a total of three months on

The following contents are imparted:

  • GRAFIS setup / settings
  • Save, load & manage styles
  • Set up interactive basic blocks
  • Save, load & manage shapes
  • Grading styles using dimension tables
  • Style setup / working with parts
  • Creating ready-made measurement charts and individual measurement charts
  • Understanding inheritance in styles
  • Printing in GRAFIS
  • Using front & back parts tools
  • Learning all construction tools
  • Creating pattern pieces with the part assistant
  • Sustainable & modular style construction
  • Saving, loading & managing modules
  • Working with construction parameters and calculation functions
  • Measuring & dimensioning styles
  • Creating finished dimension tables
  • Setting finished dimension constructions and their grading
  • Instruction in special interactive basic constructions
  • Comparing changes
  • Comparing styles
  • Creating your own basic blocks
  • Export
  • Loading and recreating background layouts
  • The fastest way to the marker
  • Printing with the GRAFIS marker
  • Basic functions in the GRAFIS marker
  • Structure of the GRAFIS marker
  • Sensible scheduling of jobs in the GRAFIS marker
Upgrade Training

The upgrade training is offered OnDemand and guides you through the innovations of GRAFIS 23. In more than 70 videos, with more than 20 exercises, the innovations are presented and you can try out the new tools directly. The upgrade training is not only for users of the previous version. The videos cover the topics in such detail that the contents are understandable even if you have previously worked with a GRAFIS version 10 or 11. At the end you will receive a certificate of participation.

The contents are available to you for one month on

For the price of 238 € gross (200€ net) you will receive access to the GRAFIS Academy for one month, where you can view the contents.

The following contents will be taught:

  • new open & save dialog
  • new application interface
  • new library
  • revised Interactive Environment
  • new log history
  • new X-value dialog
  • revised Z-value dialog
  • new visibility dialog
  • new line tool
  • new rectangle tool
  • new circle tool
  • new parallel tool
  • new point tool
  • new length tool
  • new transformation tools
  • new spread & drape tools
  • new dart tools
  • improved part assistant
  • new seam corners
  • new pocket constructions
  • new measurement system "SIZES_1
  • new features in the measurement tables
  • changes to existing constructions
  • changes to the GRAFIS marker

Basic training for the new version is planned from March 2024. Join the waiting list to receive more information in advance.

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